The Everyday Sniper

The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Cr2 Shooting Solutions at Iron Bridle

April 13, 2021

The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Cr2 Shooting Solutions at Iron Bridle 

Welcome to the Everyday Sniper, Today I am down in Texas with the Cr2 Shooting Solutions guys, Chris Roberts and Chris Rance teaching a precision rifle class at Iron Bridle. 

This was such a great training experience, unique is a word and we all enjoyed it. 

Super fun time in South Texas, and this podcast hits all the high points. 

  • Cr2 Shooting Solutions 
  • Iron Bridle 
  • Sniper's Hide 
  • Valkyrie 
  • Ryan Hey with Kestrel and MagnetoSpeed 
  • Tim Kellner with Kellner Snipercraft 
  • Chris our Lawyer to keep me out of trouble 
  • Training and Mindset 
  • Jacob Bynum and Rifles Only 

Drama ?  

Thanks for an awesome time in South Texas, we hit all the high points in this one so don't miss a minute 

Rueben, buddy we got you covered and put the pieces back together 

Had to edit out a super annoying bug that was overpowering the mic, hopefully sounds nice without that little bastard ringing in your eye the entire time. 


Thanks for listening, thanks for sharing and don't forget to comment 


Peace Out 

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